6L Summa Canisters verses 1L Canisters

Question: what is the difference between sampling with a 6L summa canister or using a 1L canister? Answer: it is the only way the laboratory can reach the detection limits that you need “WRONG!” Detection Limits are dependent on the instruments not the size of the canister. This could be true if you needed 500-600ml of sample, but if only 100-200mls of sample is needed…then why would you use a 6L canister? It is just like saying for VOC in water EPA8260 that you need a 500ml sampling jar and yet you only use a 40ml vial. Once the sample gets to the laboratory they only use 5 mls of that portion!

According to EPA Method TO-15 (January 1999), it says “Leak-Free stainless steel pressure vessel of desired volume…”


Across the nation more and more sampling projects (vapor intrusion) are switching over to the 1L canisters due to the no-tool ease of use. By using 6L the cost of shipping and labor is almost doubled. Savings found by using 1L canisters can significantly reduce the cost for both shipping and labor while improving workflows and limiting time spent on site.

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